Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Team

We are a group of four friends who met at grad school few years back. Since then we graduated and parted ways. We are successful in our respective careers but always dreamed of creating a product that provides value to our users. Recently we regrouped and decide that it is about time we gave it a shot. Here is the team:

Code Monkey: The website won’t build itself. Hence we have the smartest engineer around doing it. He can build any app in a day. Maybe two.

Web Ninja: Spends all his time surfing the web pretending to be busy doing industry research. He is sure there is a lesson to be learnt from lolcats.

Chief Operating Babe: Keeps everything running. Makes sure no one is slacking and rations beer to keep everyone sober and working.

The MBA: Walks around throwing heavy words that he learnt in grad school. No one understands what he speaks but think it might be important because they don’t understand.

You will know more about the team as you follow us.

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